LEONARD 2018 Club E6: Jean-Maurice Morque entrepreneur innovant de l'année

La spectaculaire transformation de CROUZET AGENCEMENT est le résultat d'une nouvelle posture de dirigeant: accompagner son équipe plutôt que la diriger. Le parcours apprenant vécu avec YNCREA de l'Université Catholique de Lille et ses addicodes en est le point de départ.


Our entire team is on hand to turn around your furnishing project within a very short time. We work with you from your initial ideas right through to the planning and installation stages, not forgetting the all-important after-sale maintenance.


Based in Greater Lille, we are a people-orientated company who knows its clients well to provide maximum responsiveness and the best possible service.


We listen to your requirements to produce a personalised solution, from initial planning right through to installation.